ImageMATTE offers full production and placement for our television and radio commercial clients.

Why should you have ImageMATTE produce your commercial? The answer is simple, because we work for you.

One of the major difference between having ImageMATTE produce and place your commercial over having a television, cable television or radio station produce your commercial is Development Time.

Development Time is time spent before the actual production of the commercial. ImageMATTE spends time evaluating your business and your business philosophy to create an effective commercial. ImageMATTE believes that your corporate message is extremely important and the development of your commercial message is not to be taken lightly. When you make the decision to advertise on Television, Cable television, or Radio you want an agency to be behind you and your company with the creative and business expertise that can mold your corporate message into an effective and powerful commercial.

The second reason in having ImageMATTE produce and place your commercial is stability. Too often in Television, Cable television and Radio advertising sales your Account Executive can change without you knowing. Though this may not seem to be a problem, what actually happens is you loose valuable time in getting to know your Account Executive all over again.

Coupled with the constant change of Account Executives is the relationship that the Account Executive has with the production staff of the Television, Cable television or Radio station. In this situation the relationship an Account Executive has with the production department is crucial. This relationship can effect how your commercial is produced.

With ImageMATTE there is no change in your Account Executive. Our staff is responsible for you and your advertising needs. Our Account Executives are focuses on your advertising needs and not on quotas. Our Account Executives work closely with our production staff in developing your corporate message in order to create the best commercial possible.

ImageMATTE produces commercials to air on Broadcast television, Cable television and Radio. We have buying power with AT&T Broadband, ABC, NBC, CBS, WLVI, WFXT, WB and NECN. If you are looking for a regional or national campaign, ImageMATTE can produce and place that spot as well.

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